New Beginnings

Jen schrafft executive business coach for women in the GTA

We are well into 2017 as I write this post. As I reflect on 2016, I feel excitement and pride as I look back and see the incredible learning, leadership and forward movement in myself and my clients. This year, I am excited to offer you a free guide help make this the year you move forward.

I have realized that until we are crystal clear about who and where we are and reflect on the past we cannot plot a way forward. We need to look back at our successes, our failures and what we learned from it all. What brought us joy and laughter; what made our guts churn from stress?

Sometimes we rush ourselves and make goal setting simply a list of vague dreams that we “wish” for. Wishing is not for successful people. Planning, setting actions and adjusting course is the way forward, and I am thrilled to help you get there.

Email me today at for your free copy of my Women’s Guide to Planning for Success and let me know your biggest goal and biggest obstacle to achieving it in 2017.

Enjoy the process!

ValuesJen Schrafft