Losing the Guilt & Regaining the Focus

jen schrafft coaching for business women in the GTA

Laundry. Lunches. School drop off.

Client pitch. Dry cleaning drop off.

Meeting. Meeting. More meetings.

3 pm lunch of vending machine granola bar.

Conference call.


Text sitter about Sunday. Text husband that sitter has been texted.

Realize you haven’t event started your email replies for the day.

Race out the door to get to skating lessons for kid pick up.

Realize you left your charger at work as your laptop dies as you try to catch up on email disaster from ice rink stands while occasionally pretending to look up and seem engaged in your daughter’s lesson.

It isn’t even 5 o’clock yet. Don’t even talk about grocery shopping or making dinner.

Sound even remotely familiar?

Life can be just as chaotic when you don’t have kids. Many other family and work burdens get heaped on you because “you’ve got the time.”

Rushing through life to “get everything done” tends to put women into a chronically reactive lifestyle.

There are so many balls in the air there is little time to stop and think, never mind plan for a truly fulfilling way of life. To many, stopping would mean dropping every ball one by one and ultimately, admitting to failure as a woman, mother, wife, daughter… human.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Working with me, we will uncover both what drives your happiness and what your vision of success looks like.

We’ll uncover what is getting in your way of your happiness. Let’s lay out a real plan to create and live a life you’ll love.

There’s no cookie cutter answer. Every person has her own recipe. When you truly do the work, there is no stopping you from having a new kind of happiness.

You’ve got this.

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