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Inspiring, challenging & results-focused coaching to help you be the leader of your own career & happiness.


I’m here to help you see what is stopping you from great.

You have been working so hard, for so long, but something is missing. You’re ready to uncover what is getting in the way of really loving what you do.

I inspire, I push and I challenge with a lot of laughter, understanding and tough questions thrown in.

Through my coaching and leadership programs, you will feel like you have a partner and supporter, while getting honest feedback and support.

Whether you choose to pivot or leap, I am here to ensure your actions lead to a result, and that the result reflects what you truly want.

Jen Schrafft Business Coach for Women in the GTA (Great Toronto Area)
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About Jen Schrafft

I love helping people understand what they truly need to be happy and applying it to their career, homelife and everywhere in between.

People, behaviour and neuroscience fascinate me, and I am on a mission to help people see what will make them happier.