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workshops and corporate coaching

We work to shift mindsets and enable and inspire strong leaders.

Does your team see themselves as the leaders of their own success?

The old way days when the HR department told you how your career would pan out is long gone - and so it should be! This is an exciting time where your team get to pilot their own growth and development.

We can help.

You know over your career that this is true: Leadership is not simply an anointed title. Leaders are steady, resilient and the backbone to every team in these changing times. They own and direct their own success.

Contact us today to talk about how we can move your team into the exciting and rewarding future of work.

Jen schrafft executive business coach for women in the GTA
jen schrafft coaching for business women in the GTA

Hear from a past client

“Jennifer has been my coach for just over a year. She has helped me understand my strengths, weaknesses and fears and how to improve in all areas. I have set and achieved goals that I did not think were possible with her supporting me and holding me to account. Most importantly I have gained new perspective about work and life balance that has had such a positive influence in all aspects of my life. The value of the investment in her services has been tremendous and I won’t be without it now.”

- Julie Garner – Principal, Earnscliffe Strategy Group


Individual coaching

“Jen is great; she is funny and direct and really helped illuminate our blind spots”.

I coach in a one on one capacity with individuals who are chasing great.

My clients are unstoppable when they remove the barriers that they are allowing to stop them from doing, creating and achieving incredible things.

Let’s talk today about what you really want, and talk about how to get started.

What are you waiting for?


My coaching process

1. Clarify: understand what isn’t working and where you want to be in your career and life.

2. Create action: will this be a pivot or a huge leap? Change is a given if you want a different outcome.

What habits are necessary for actions you can commit to that lead to the outcomes you expect?.

3. Celebrate the results and tweak as you go. Change is an ongoing reality to being better, and doing better in life.

Are you ready to be great? Is good enough no longer enough for you?

Let’s talk.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is Coaching different from therapy? . . .

Therapy is great and often based on the past. I am all for therapy in it’s many forms, and changing how we think (CBT) can be transformational. Coaching is changing how we ACT to get different results. It is knowing what we need, how to communicate it with respect to career development. Both are useful, in different contexts.

Is Coaching regulated and covered in my benefits? . . .

I am certified by the International Coaching Federation, and completed training and testing from an approved provider of coach training. Not all coaches complete training with an ICF Certified training program. Be thorough in your research before you hire a coach, and ask your employer if your benefits or a Learning and Development allowance can be put toward my coaching fees.

What is the cost of coaching? . . .

I offer 3 packages, in order to cover the needs of those I serve. Coaching for real results is a process so I do not coach on a one-off basis. I would be happy to chat about costs and budget.

I lead a team who seem to have lost their drive. Do you offer group sessions? . . .

I work with teams to better understand how mindset, external factors and internal beliefs affect performance. I conduct group coaching, workshops and leadership programs for all sizes of organizations.

Coaching seems a bit fluffy for me. How does this help me professionally? . . .

The most successful professionals in the world know what they want, what they need to do to get it, and they take action. This is my coaching philosophy, and how I practice. If you want to be great, I invite you to try it out.

Can I take your programs on-line? . . .

At this time, I do not provide on-line programs

I am nearly retired. Am I too old for career coaching? . . .

If you are the leader of your own life, you fit the criteria for coaching with me. I look for commitment to work hard, an open mind and a need to change for the better.