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I work with people that are truly ready and excited to make changes. We can chat, Skype or meet in person to go over how the process works and so I can hear all about the great things you are chasing!

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If you’re looking to get in touch with me about a speaking opportunity, event or workshop you want to organize, please email me at jen@jenschrafftcoaching.com with the details and I will be in touch soon with next steps.

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“After each session there are always a few pieces I can apply immediately and a few that cause me to pause and take a longer reflection. The last two sessions really had me thinking about what I value and how some of my activities and responsibilities aren’t aligned to those values. I have been just going about my life on auto pilot for a while and the second last session made me stop and think about what I am spending my time doing and why. The last session reinforced that for me. Taking a look at the values at both of the last sessions really helped me stop and think about that which I needed to do.”

- Alison -  Manager, Projects Business Planning, Manulife Financial

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